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After working as a Stylist in the Fashion Business for almost 8 years I decided that it’s time to share my knowledge and my personal vision with you. I finished my studies as a Fashion Stylist at IED in Milan many years ago where I also had the chance to work for two additional years and since then consider this fascinating city my second home. Afterwards I was able to make some significant and meaningful experiences at ELLE Magazine and, a luxury Online Store, that both helped me to deepen my interest in fashion itself as well as to develop my professional career.

It was then when I started to realize that we all have bigger concerns than to decide which colors, materials and prints we are using or wearing tomorrow. We cannot deny the fact that we are responsible for how we are dealing with fashion in our daily lives. That’s the reason why I decided to offer a Conscious Styling Service where my customers become aware of the background circumstances of the business and are able to add more value to their closets. We should try to distance ourselves more and more from the oh so destructive mass consumption. To do so it can already be a good start to concentrate on more focused purchases and to reorganize our wardrobes from time to time. Sometimes we might be surprised what we already have and how much value old things can add to our future lives. With more space our thoughts will be much lighter too. I’m convinced that we can still have the same amount of fun with fashion if we start to act more consciously. We might even be able to be more creative freeing ourselves from our massive possessions.

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